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Article by Justine Bartleywood, published in Healer's magazine, July 2021

I am someone who was taught to say yes to life from a very young age. This concept, yet simple, opened me up to experience a multitude of wonders, travel extensively, meet exceptional people, and make decisions about who I was going to become, from an early age: a mystic, a manifestor and a mother.The mystic definitely came first. I came home from a walk on the beach and told my father that I’m changing my religion–I was 6. Surprised, he inquired as to why. I explained my reasoning and the message I had received on the beach and he approved. I have since gone on to study in depth many mystical traditions around the world. Next came the manifestor. My very interesting mother introduced me to all sorts of energy and mind-manipulating self knowledge, again very early on. It never occurred to me this wasn’t everyday information. My grandmother heard and saw things, my mother knew and saw things and, well, I have my own talents too. Lastly, becoming a mother has been one of my greatest joys and something which changed me at a very deep layer. Who knew all it would encompass? It helped me channel my already developed gifts to nurture, care and teach to whole new plane.

I have been on the journey of moving energy for many years, spanning four continents, planting the seed wherever I went that I was looking for true craftsmen, people who are very skilled at changing lives. Luckily, I was able to meet some incredible people, who taught me gifts and who explained how to accentuate the talents I had been using since childhood to listen, balance and co-create, propelling people forward towards their desired goals. Once I heard about Radionics, magically two instruments materialized within days, as did a class. I quickly realized Radionics is a 100% goal-oriented practice, which uses the Universal energy or vibration, to manifest collaboratively. I was immediately hooked and set about learning every way I could incorporate what I had already mastered with my love of Radionics. To my amazement the miracles/changes flooded in for both my clients and myself, giving birth to

Radionics involves a device, an instrument used to tap into the innate wisdom of the Universe and communicate like a WiFi signal, broadcasting a message: exactly what you are trying to manifest and draw back into your life. Day and night the instrument sends out the signal for you, attracting it.

The instrument is really a radio. It has three components: a well, dials and an antenna. You take the resonance of the item in the well, add or subtract to that rate using the instrument, then broadcast what is in the well via the antenna.

Everything is energy and vibration. What Radionics does is use Tesla technology to add resonance to things we want more of and dissonance to that which we want less of.


Radionics is about balancing energy. You are not treating an illness, but looking for the cause—the damage to the ethic field—and sending a broadcast for a beneficial result. I have had great success with empaths and other people who pick up other peoples energies, by doing a weekly clearing and balancing. I have occasionally worked on pets. One particular puppy came to me very sick with a terrible prognosis from five different sources; this was a Hail Mary kind of situation. It took 24 hours balancing on all energetic fields, for five days, to really initiate a lasting change. She has grown up to be a lovely dog.

Several of my clients and I have received career directions and a sizable increase in income. Some made more money during the recent pandemic than any other year. There was also some surprise inheritance. One client opened up a second grooming salon she was so busy.

Love (Romantic)
There has definitely been romance and even a marriage. Existing relationships got happier. Another client had the love of her life turn up.

Relationships (Platonic)
Fractioned family relationships with no hope of recovery were mended many a time. I have worked on several of my clients’ teens who experienced a turn-around in personality.

Surprise business opportunities have been signed.

Extra Energy
This has been repeatedly reported across the board from all my clients: an elevated level of consciousness and a flow of increased energy. Some have reported it in terms of their level of creativity or a feeling of being connected to something other then themselves.

You don’t have to believe. It will still work. All you need is the problem and an experienced practitioner who is ethical, with awesome problem solving skills. Let them search for the cause or the fix and set up your broadcasting to create magic. In my case I prefer a close connection with my clients and a high level of communication.

Sometimes the instrument starts working on family members first. All I can say from my client’s experience is that clearing the family member’s issue then frees the client’s mind up to receive change for themselves. Usually they are just happy that the family member is finding relief.

Sometimes Radionics gives you not what you perceive as missing, but what you truly value more deeply.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
Albert Einstein