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Ed Kelly

Kelly Research Technologies, Inc.

Through decades of working with radionics researchers and professionals, only Justine has brought the singular combination of navigation, activation, and resonance to bear on life’s many trials and opportunities.   She has consistently demonstrated the ability to translate complex astrological data from Western and Eastern disciplines into simple daily instructions that allow anyone to harness the cosmic forces that drive all of Heaven and Earth, then apply radionics to remove specific obstacles from our paths.  On multiple occasions, Justine has helped me transform the impossible into reality, the broken into the reborn, and the darkness into the light.  There is no reason to wander alone in the wilderness when Justine is here to help show you the way.

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Gina Gibson

Gina Gibson Coaching

If you are reading this because you are on the fence about working with Justine, stop reading and go book you call!  JUST DO IT!  You will be so happy you did!  Justine will blow your mind whether she is reading your chart or helping you with radionics and dowsing...she has mastered several modalities and uses them with equal brilliance.  Here is what makes her SO good though...her super power is not only knowing what one will serve you best, but how to combine them (she calls it “layering”) for optimal benefit.  She really brings art to the sciences she uses.  You will get more than you expect, and probably even more than you thought possible.  On top of all that, she’s just too much fun to work with!

Libby Behringer

Libby Behringer

Behringer House Consulting

Justine Bartleywood is my secret weapon.  Her master level skills at Chinese Astrology, affirmations and Radionics have manifested opportunities that I didn’t know were possible.  The benefits of knowing auspicious times for my work has been amazing.  Working with Justine is life changing!

Dawn Zehren

Dawn Zehren

GROW Transformational Coaching

I’m pleased to tell you about Justine Bartleywood especially if you are looking for an extra boost of support in reaching your goals.  I had the good fortune to encounter Justine through a group that was all focused on everyone reaching their own goals, a greater expansion in their life and Justine brought gifts to the group that accelerated everyone’s results.  It was like moving from a bicycle to a rocket and she has more than one modality that she employs to help people get there.  She is a sponge when it comes to taking in information that supports people in their growth and she can support you in yours.  I invite you to connect with her and find out how your world could be even better. Reach out to Justine.  You are going to have so much fun and you will be wowed!

Jennifer Schumacher

Jennifer Schumacher

Before I met Justine I was in a shadow that I couldn't seem to get out of and I didn't even know it.  I was seeking negative attention from a man.  I had lost all self-worth.  I lost my vision and my passion.  She never told me any of this, instead she guided me to a path of light.  She made me see my self-worth again.  I remember she told me to write down 88 things I like about myself, and by the time I was done I would not want this man in my life.  I kinda laughed to myself.  I have been in love with this man for seven years!  Let's just say I made it to 28 and realized I deserved so much more.  That's when my vision and my passion became so bright.  She had shifted my focus.  I never really knew I had lost my passion.  I am on my way to opening up a business.  Creative juices are constantly flowing.  I have a joy that rings so loud.  My fears have begun to drift and my confidence has grown.  It has been work.  I have had to change my mindset.  She has given me the tools and the guidance.  Justine is a real powerhouse!  She is trustworthy, a peace maker, teacher, mentor and a friend.  Let's not forget she is hilarious!!

Vanesea Wright

Venesea Wright

As a child, I was always fascinated by the mystery and wonder associated with magic! Although I didn't understand exactly how magic worked, it was obvious to me that the magician did something amazing and this always left me awestruck! Working with Justine Bartleywood is comparable to the memories that I hold as a child who believed in magic but on a whole new level. While I can't explain how she does "it",  the support that Justine has given me through the combination of using Radionics, affirmations, and Fung Shui has not only left me awestruck but has reignited my belief in the mystery and wonder of Universal magic! Thank you so much for helping me to believe once again! Sincerest gratitude.

Vernice McDaniel

Vernice McDaniel

My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for the experience that Justine has graciously navigated me through. From the moment we started to the time we ended and even afterwards, I felt taken care of, I felt seen, and I felt she was right there with me on the journey. I have never experienced anything quite like this before and felt so grateful to have had the opportunity to do so now. Words are pathetic, so these words can not do any justice in expressing this healing session with Justine as my guide. When I tell you I felt like I became a catalyst for the healing of generational and cultural ills and traumas in my bloodline and was able to release, forgive, and look forward with new lens and more compassion in my heart, it is nothing short of amazing. My heart is overflowing with peace, love, compassion, and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Justine. You are truly amazing and thank you for answering the call to be a vessel of love and healing for others. 

Shan Bartley

Shan Bartley

Justine's constant dedication to the WELL of radionics energy is just like creation itself; goodies emanating out from this magical miracle place, even though it's all science really.

Jo Dodd

Jo Dodd

Justine's work is miraculous!  She has a genuine gift for the work that she does and my life has changed dramatically since being a well-dweller!
Justine is very quick to respond and will make tweaks as needed - I can literally feel new energy coming my way whenever she completes a clearing or  makes any adjustments.
My life has changed for the better since this amazing woman came into my life!
Letitia Dorsey

Letitia Dorsey

Justine Bartleywood's work is the #TRUTH !!
In participating in a group where we all went into "The Well", I could tell the difference energetically IMMEDIATELY after the group was over. When being in the well, I felt an overall ease and positivity.  Things seemed to go easier and the mindset that I maintained during "The Well" was clear and nothing seemed impossible.  The difference was stark in comparison when the group was over. So much so, that I immediately called Justine and asked her to
I also did "The Journey Experience" I can not articulate the experience other than to say, I made a startling discovery about the origin of my life-long setback of personal fear.  Since taking "The Journey" I am committed to living my life, in the true nature of perfection that the creator made me. Fear is no longer a part of my experience. I went Zip Lining to start my new FEAR FREE Life!!  Thanks Justine!!
Debra McLaughry

Debra McClaughry

Justine, I cannot thank you enough. The work you did for me for back pain was such a monumental shift. I don’t know if I told you that I had seen a chiropractor twice before coming to you. He wanted me to get an MRI because he suspected I had a bulging disc. After you doing dowsing and radionics work, I felt a shift and decided not to follow up with the chiropractor any further. The second time was a MAJOR shift. The pain turned to sore muscles for about two days and now it is just gone completely! It has been gone and not returned. I’ve been able to ride my bike and swim again without pain. Thank you so very much!
Kristy Pecaut

Kristy Wagner Pecaut

Radionics Woman, Justine Bartleywood is truly a priceless gem. For several months I've been "in the well", and she's worked with me on several different occasions with personal issues. She's always very specific with her work, and it shows in the outcomes. Today I needed some guidance, and I asked her to see what she could do. In a few minutes I was on my way to feeling better, and to get some nature therapy which is always a plus in my book. She is someone I'm happy to have in my corner and to call my friend. Justine does remarkable work, don't hesitate to reach out to her.
Allison Gorman

Allison Ouellette Gorman

Shout out to Justine Bartleywood!
She has been working Radionics with my business and CATAPULTED ME TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  I was able to negotiate 35k off a purchase price for some Buyers and get them their dream home.  That type of decrease is unheard of in this market.  Did I mention it is also the most expensive home I have sold to date?!!  Grateful me!!
Vic Sorrell closeup

Vic Sorrell

Justine is a brilliant wealth of knowledge and incredibly insightful. Her instincts are spot on. I always learn something new about myself in my sessions with her.

Amy Armentrout Young

Justine has had me "in the well" for a few weeks now.  Yesterday I accomplished a goal that I had been working towards for the entire year.  Completely unexpected but oh what an awesome feeling.  Thank you Justine for all your work and clarity and friendship!!!  I had  a very heavy load at the dog show this week and handled it with peace and clarity.

Antonio McGaha

Justine Bartleywood’s work is nothing short of amazing!!!!  She has assisted me in the process of healing on several occasions and I would strongly recommend her work to anyone serious about restoration or rejuvenation.