Happy Well Dwellers Monthly Subscription:

The members of this group consistently enjoy more of whatever they desire individually, as well as better luck and more vitality over all.  Each person in the group receives support every day in the following ways: 

Navigation- Astrology to shine the way 
Activation - Times and compass directions to use each day for manifesting, meditating or any work you'd like to go quickly and easily
Resonance - Radionics to connect you to the frequency of your magic

Each day a different affirmation as well as energy boosting frequencies are radiated into your personal field, so even if you don't take time to think about boosting your magic that day, Justine has you covered!  

Every person is attended to every day of the month, without exception.  Jump in and join all of the other happy well dwellers!!

Cost: $99.99

Change YOUR life

For this offering, YOU and Justine will focus on whatever your heart desires.  Experience a one on one revolutionary shifting with Justine to create what you love or leave what you hate.


This experience is a three-month ride.  You choose exclusively one project for each month and Justine will do what she does best to make it happen!  She will work on you tirelessly, with a radionics machine set up with your name on it.


Throughout these three months you will experience all the benefits of super changing your energy, changing your life’s direction, or complimenting everything you already have but taking it to heights you haven’t experienced before.  All you have to do is let Justine work her radionics magic!


Justine works best with her undivided attention on you, so let her do her best work and uplift your life!


Reach out, VIBE, and personalize her work for you!


Cost: $999 per month – 3 month minimum. 


Choose the first button to make monthly payments.

Choose the second button to pay in full.

Empath’s Monthly Clearing

Do you often tune into the feelings of people around you? Are you sensitive to the energy of a room?  Do these feelings feel like they don’t belong to you?  You’re probably an Empath.


Three times a month receive a personalized cleansing of your energy/aura.  Justine will clear any toxic, leeching energies you might have picked up along your daily routine.  These energies can drag you down and adversely affect your life.


It’s time to part ways with these negative vibes and let your aura sparkle again.


Cost $199 per month

Take a Trip of Lifetime

Want to journey inward and find out what has been holding you back?  Experience a inner trip which tells a telling truth that only you can recognize.  Go all the way back, even further then you expect and learn the why for all your questions.


Sign up for this gift to yourself.  You will need 1-2 hours of allotted time.


Cost: $250

Spiritual Coaching Package

If you would like a more individualized and hands on experience, Justine also offers a Spiritual Coaching package.  This consists of 4 sessions during which Justine will apply various modalities and her vast knowledge in order to bring you the results in your life that you are dreaming of!  It is like having 24/7 energetic support to clear the unwanted and create what you most truly desire.  This is the optimal way to take full advantage of Justine's special brilliance, which is "layering" modalities in order to enhance the benefit of all of them simultaneously.  

The package consists of 4 sessions.  The first of which is about 75 minutes during which time you will have the chance to make sure that Justine knows exactly what your goals are. Then, the two of you will work on your customized plan for manifesting them.  You can be sure she will spend some time working with you and your astrological charts during this session as well!  

The remaining 3 sessions are 45 minutes each and how they are used will vary widely based on your customized plan, however you will definitely have the chance to update Justine as to what is shifting for you since the last visit and let her know if you want to refine any of your goals.  She is truly right there for you to help you create exactly the outcome you desire! 


A la Carte 45 minute sessions with Justine are $100, but with the package, it is just $350! 

Auspicious area to place your instrument

This appointment is for anyone who owns Radionics equipment and would love to know how Justine layers other energetic factors around her instruments to maximize their effectiveness.  Justine achieves remarkably fast, consistent and powerful results and attributes her success to combining personalized feng shui, astrological placement for the year as well as a few other approaches.  

If you would like to have Justine help you with the exact best placement for your machines in your space, as well her other tips, this is the appointment for you!  You will need an accurate floor plan.

Cost:  $500 

A la Carte Sessions

I do provide a certain amount of hours on a loving offering basis each month.  If you would like to reach out to me & apply for one of these times, you can contact me for availability.