Astrological Consulting

Your celestial map was defined for you at the moment of your birth, a  navigational tool that will identify your unique strengths, weaknesses,  opportunities, and challenges. Understanding how and when these energies  flow through your life will significantly increase the possibility of success,  while allowing you to sidestep unnecessary burdens and hardships. Justine  can provide expert guidance in the following areas:

Spiritual/Soul Guidance Counseling

I am a licensed Healing Minster with more than 30+ years of experience mastering Eastern and Western mystical traditions on five continents. From these disciplines, I will create and deliver a counseling strategy that resonates most directly with your needs, challenges, and personality, with a continuous focus on removing all obstacles and moving you forward in the direction you want to go.

Initial Session (75 mins) - $125.00

Supporting Session (45 mins) - $75.00

Western Astrology Report

Select any three areas of focus and I will evaluate astrological transits, progressions, and solar arcs that reveal a detailed timeline and pathway for moving forward. Western reports are in-depth conversations with multiple layers that lead to clear conclusions

Session - $180.00

Chinese Astrology Report

An Eastern astrological chart builds upon the detailed precision of the Western reading by supplying general trends for weeks, months, or even a year at a time. Also ideally suited for at-a-glance comparison with other individuals, including personal relationships, loved ones, and business associates.

Session - $160.00

Family Astrology Report

Capture new insights into child parent or other family relationships that allow you to communicate more  effectively, understand existing issues, and highlight future energy shifts between you and your loved ones. With children, the resulting roadmap will help you to guide them away from disharmony and toward success.

Session - $250.00

Feng Shui Astrological Assessment

Harmonize your  relationship with your home or business with this comprehensive study of  your property as it applies to your Chinese astrological chart. You will learn  how to optimize the physical space for maximum peace and productivity, including times and dates to deploy fire and water activations to harness the  strongest energy shifts. A floor plan of your home or business is necessary  to complete this assessment.

Session - $500.00

Astro-Cartography Report

“The Astrology of Location”  provides the keys to understanding why some places feel more “at home”, yield greater productivity, and forge stronger relationships with peers and family members. An essential part of selecting the correct location or deciding whether to stay or go from where you are now.

Session - $125.00