The Key to Manifesting Everything You Want

All of us have the ability to create a focused intent and harness a vision, to bring about a future reality we want to materialize. We do this to co-create an opportunity, a shift, an experience or a change in the direction we see our lives going in. This has been documented in all mystical traditions, from the mundane to the esoteric, the Eastern and the Western.

All teach some form of prayer, meditation or singular thought to focus our minds, and experience connection with something other than ourselves. It is during these moments of clarity we can set an intention & begin the movement of manifestation.

Manifestation is key to everything, and in truth we are manifesting at every moment. What we don’t realize is we are unconsciously co-creating and drawing experiences into our lives at every given moment. Many of those manifestations are created out of a sense of loss, or presuming something is missing. Co-creating from these places only draws to us more of what we don’t want. All human life has been given a great gift drawing to us what we want.

When we consciously go about changing our lives, remaining focused for any length of time is difficult. We allow life’s daily irritations and distractions to derail our intentions. Remaining singularly focused takes a lot of practice and perseverance.

This is where the radionics machines come in to assist you. You turn the dials, seeking to find a resonant frequency or harmonic octave of what you are focusing on and lock into that frequency. Once you find the magic rate, and turn on the amplifier, you can walk away and it will continue to send out that resonating frequency until you turn it off. The beauty is, the radionics machine doesn’t get distracted or have life irritations. The instrument is working for you all the time – you can also look for a harmonically resonating oil, herb, or crystal to add to your chosen rate to raise the frequency of what you are broadcasting.

I am an experienced Radionics facilitator, and this is where my expertise comes in. It takes practice, finesse and many hours to figure out what those resonating frequencies are. The ones that resonate with me are not necessarily going to resonate with someone else. Finding the correct rate for a group (which is what I do every day) takes time, dedication, and knowledge. In any given group of people, I will probably define three – five subgroups that are on a similar harmonic wavelength and energy level. I then search to find a resonating scalar frequency for each of those subgroups of something I want to broadcast. These have to be done separately because I am looking for the right note that sings to everyone in the group. I also check how long it needs to be broadcast for to bring about the maximum amount of resonance.

There are a combination of things that have to take place for the setup, but when you hit that perfect resonating note, the recipient knows it. They feel it. Their life reflects it and you can literally watch magic start to happen.

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